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6 Quotes about America from Books

Topic Quotes · May 22nd, 2023 · Deepak Kundu

Hello. This page is a list of 6 quotes about America from various books. I hope you like and enjoy reading them. By the way, I am Deepak Kundu, an avid book reader and quotes collector.

America Quotes

  • There are surely a lot of big things in America. The Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty are big. The Mississippi River and the Grand Canyon are big. The skies over the prairie are big. But there is nothing bigger than a man’s opinion of himself. - The Lincoln Highway book by Amor Towles - amor-towles-quotes, the-lincoln-highway-quotes, america-quotes

  • In the United States, protest is our birthright, but when you exercise that right, you are often penalized for it. - Just as I Am book by Cicely Tyson - cicely-tyson-quotes, just-as-i-am-quotes, america-quotes

  • Historically, most countries were defined on the basis of a single attribute—a single ethnicity, a single language, a single religion, a single monarch. Not America. We were the first and greatest country defined exclusively on the basis of a set of ideas, enshrined under a single Constitution. America wasn’t just a place. It was a vision of what a place could be. America was about democracy. Capitalism. Reason, science, and enlightenment. Faith and purpose. Freedom. Individualism. - Woke, Inc. book by Vivek Ramaswamy - woke-inc-quotes, america-quotes

  • America, land of supermarkets and superhighways, of supersonic jets and Superman, of supercarriers and the Super Bowl! America, a country not content simply to give itself a name on its bloody birth, but one that insisted for the first time in history on a mysterious acronym, USA, a trifecta of letters outdone later only by the quartet of the USSR. - The Sympathizer book by Viet Thanh Nguyen - the-sympathizer-quotes, america-quotes

  • You must claim America. America will not give itself to you. If you do not claim America, if America is not in your heart, America will throw you into a concentration camp or a reservation or a plantation. - The Sympathizer book by Viet Thanh Nguyen - the-sympathizer-quotes, america-quotes

  • The United States has never been “one nation under God” but several nations gazing up at him, dissimilar faces huddled beneath a single flag. - Just as I Am book by Cicely Tyson - just-as-i-am-quotes, america-quotes