28 Quotes from Anna Karenina book by Leo Tolstoy

Anna Karenina Quotes

Hello. I am Deepak Kundu, an avid book reader and quotes collector. Here is a list of 28 quotes that I liked and saved while reading Anna Karenina book by Leo Tolstoy. I hope you enjoy reading them.

Anna Karenina Quotes

All happy families are alike, each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. - Anna Karenina

Religion was simply a means to rein in the barbaric section of the population. - Anna Karenina

Women are the pivot on which everything turns. - Anna Karenina

All the variety, all the wonder and beauty of life is made up of light and shade. - Anna Karenina

There are people who, when meeting their victorious rival in whatever sphere, are immediately ready to turn their back on all that is good about him and see only bad things; and then there are people who, on the contrary, take pains to find in this victorious rival the qualities with which he defeated them, and who, with an aching heart, look only for good things about him. - Anna Karenina

Women with shadows usually come to a bad end. - Anna Karenina

The only happy marriages I know are marriages of convenience. - Anna Karenina

If there are as many heads as there are minds, then there must be as many kinds of love as there are hearts. - Anna Karenina

I often think men do not understand what’s honourable and what’s dishonourable, although they are always talking about it. - Anna Karenina

When we start digging around in our souls, we often unearth something that might have lain undetected. - Anna Karenina

Spring is the season for plans and proposals. - Anna Karenina

A cigar is not so much a pleasure in itself, but the badge and hallmark of pleasure. - Anna Karenina

The subject of woman, you see, will always be completely new, however much you study it. - Anna Karenina

Living the high life is the gentry’s prerogative, and only the gentry know how to do it. - Anna Karenina

One just had to forget oneself and love others in order to become a calm, happy, and worthy person. - Anna Karenina

Hypocrisy in whatever guise can deceive the cleverest and most perceptive person, but the dullest of children will recognize it, however artfully it may be concealed, and be repelled. - Anna Karenina

Believe me, getting to know only your wife, whom you love, you get to know all women much better than if you knew thousands of them. - Anna Karenina

Women are the chief stumbling-block in a man’s career. It’s hard to love a woman and achieve something. There’s only one comfortable way of doing that and loving without any stumbling-blocks, and that’s marriage. - Anna Karenina

This whole world of ours is really just a spot of mildew which has formed on a tiny planet. And we think we can have something grand—thoughts, deeds! They are just grains of sand. - Anna Karenina

Why do people love arguing? After all, no one ever succeeds in convincing anyone else. - Anna Karenina

I’m a friend of the division of labour. People who can do nothing else should manufacture people, while the rest should contribute to their enlightenment and happiness. That’s how I see things. There are a whole host of people eager to mix these two trades up, but I’m not among them - Anna Karenina

It used to be the case that a freethinker was someone brought up on ideas of religion, law, and morality, who came to freethinking by dint of struggle and hard work; but now there is a new breed of unorthodox freethinkers growing up who have never even heard of laws of morality or religion, or authorities, and who are growing up from the very beginning with ideas of negating everything, as savages, in other words. - Anna Karenina

You see, if you are going to work or study in order to receive a reward, then you will find the work difficult; but if you love what you are doing when you work, you will find your own reward in it. - Anna Karenina

You must choose one of two things: either admit that the existing order of society is fair and then stand up for your rights; or acknowledge that you have unfair advantages, as I do, and enjoy having them. - Anna Karenina

If you love someone, you love the whole person, as they are, and not as you would like them to be. - Anna Karenina

There are no circumstances to which a man cannot accustom himself, especially if he sees that everyone around him lives in the same way. - Anna Karenina

Undertaking something in family life requires either outright discord between husband and wife or loving harmony. When marital relations are ill-defined and neither the former nor the latter exists, however, nothing can be undertaken. - Anna Karenina

If goodness has a cause, it is no longer goodness, and if it has a consequence in the form of a reward, it is also not goodness. Goodness must therefore lie outside the chain of cause and effect. - Anna Karenina