May 14, 2021

18 Quotes from Artemis book by Andy Weir

Artemis book by Andy Weir.jpg

Namaste friends. This post is a collection of quotes from the book - Artemis by Andy Weir. Artemis is an irresistible new near-future thriller - a heist story set on the moon.


A city can’t just be rich tourists and eccentric billionaires. It needs working-class people too. You don’t expect J. Worthalot Richbastard III to clean his own toilet, do you? - Artemis, Chapter 1

Coffee’s just a bad kind of tea. Black tea is the only hot drink worth having. - Artemis, Chapter 1

Sex is totally different in one-sixth G. It’s great for couples who’ve been married a long time. They get to rediscover sex together - it’s like new. - Artemis, Chapter 1

People will trust a reliable criminal more readily than a shady businessman. - Artemis, Chapter 2

I’m a businessman. My whole job is exploiting underutilized resources. And you are a massively underutilized resource. - Artemis, Chapter 2

No idiot-proofing can overcome a determined idiot. - Artemis, Chapter 4

I wish everyone was like her. No chitchat, no bullshit, no pretense of friendship. Just goods and services exchanged for money. The perfect business partner. - Artemis, Chapter 4

Nothing like a language barrier to make people leave you alone. - Artemis, Chapter 4

I averted my eyes. Yet another person I knew. Goddamn, it’s annoying to commit crimes in a small town. - Artemis, Chapter 4

It’s important to vary your profanities. If you use the same one too often it loses strength. - Artemis, Chapter 6

That’s the thing about crying yourself to sleep. When you wake up, the problems are still there. - Artemis, Chapter 8

Travel’s a bitch. Even when it’s a once-in-a-lifetime vacation. You leak money like a sieve. You’re jet-lagged. You’re exhausted all the time. You’re homesick even though you’re on vacation. - Artemis, Chapter 8

The thing that sucks about life-or-death situations is how boring they can be. - Artemis, Chapter 10

Every city needs an underbelly. It’s best to let the petty criminals do their thing and focus on bigger issues. - Artemis, Chapter 10

That’s the thing about secrets. You can sell them over and over again. - Artemis, Chapter 11

Building a civilization is ugly. But the alternative is no civilization at all. - Artemis, Chapter 11

I never went easy on you, because the world certainly wouldn’t go easy on you, and I wanted you to be prepared. - Artemis, Chapter 17

If you want to make babies, somebody’s got to get fucked. - Artemis, Chapter 17