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Chinese Civilization Quotes

China’s is the longest continuous civilization in world history, encompassing twelve major dynasties, scores of minor ones, and hundreds of rulers and regimes. Far from being homogeneous, however, China is composed of countless cultures and ethnicities, comprising a dense, complex network of regions, cities, towns, and villages linked by trade and infrastructure, that has avoided the terminal discontinuities of other great civilizations, from the Aztec to the Zimbabwe. - James Rickards

A main contributor to the longevity of Chinese civilization is the in-and-out nature of governance consisting of periods of centralization, followed by periods of decentralization, then recentralization, and so on across the millennia. This history is like the action of an accordion that expands and contracts while playing a single song. The tendency to decentralize politically has given Chinese civilization the robustness needed to avoid a complete collapse at the center, characteristic of Rome and the Inca. Conversely, an ability to centralize politically has prevented thousands of local nodes from devolving into an agrarian mosaic, disparate and disconnected. China ebbs and flows but never disappears. - James Rickards

What is most striking about Chinese history is how often and how suddenly it has swerved from order to chaos through the millennia. Despite the appearance of economic dynamism in China today, sudden collapse is entirely possible and could be caused by things such as inflation, rising unemployment, ethnic tensions or a burst housing bubble. - James Rickards