Apr 08, 2021

30 Quotes from Death; An Inside Story book by Sadhguru

Namaste friends. This post is a collection of quotes from the book - Death; An Inside Story by Sadhguru. Whether a believer or not, a devotee or an agnostic, an accomplished seeker or a simpleton, this is truly a book for all those who shall die!


One of the biggest human follies is to engage with death in the third person, as though it is an abstract event that happens to other people, not us. - Death; An Inside Story

Only if you are ignorant and unaware does it seem like death will come to you someday later. If you are aware, you will see both life and death are happening every moment. If you as much as breathe a little more consciously, you will notice that with every inhalation there is life, with every exhalation there is death. - Death; An Inside Story

Those who are constantly aware of the mortal and fragile nature of Existence do not want to miss even a single moment; they will naturally be aware. They cannot take anything for granted; they will live very purposefully. Only people who believe they are immortal can fight and fight to death. - Death; An Inside Story

Once there is a deep acceptance of death, then life will happen to you in enormous proportions. It is only because you tried to keep death away, life has also stayed away from you. - Death; An Inside Story

In a way, death is a fiction created by ignorant people. Death is the creation of the unaware, because if you are aware, it is life, life and life alone - moving from one dimension of Existence to another. - Death; An Inside Story

People think that death is a tragedy. It is not. People living their entire lives without experiencing life is a tragedy. - Death; An Inside Story

The moment you reject death, you also reject life. You think life is right and death is wrong. It is not so. Life is what it is only because death is. A river always happens between two banks. - Death; An Inside Story

The Creation and the Creator, life and death - are all packed one inside the other. It takes attention - a lot of attention - to see it. Otherwise, one just lives on the surface, half alive. - Death; An Inside Story

You should know that the only safe place on the planet is your grave. Nothing happens there. There is no safety in life itself. - Death; An Inside Story

If you notice, whatever you do with life, no matter how much you do with life, there is still something more you can do with it. Life needs all your attention and efforts. Death does not need your support. It will anyway happen and it will happen with absolute efficiency. - Death; An Inside Story

People think nothing new should happen to them, but they want an exciting life. How is this possible? This is a no-win situation you are creating for yourself. - Death; An Inside Story

What you are calling as life, right now, is like soap bubbles being blown. The entire Yogic process or the entire spiritual process is to wear this bubble thin, so that one day when it bursts, there is absolutely nothing left and it moves from the bondage of existence to the freedom of non-existence, or Nirvana. - Death; An Inside Story

Death is not something that will happen suddenly; it builds up over time. Many a time, the body is setting forth the process. The person may not be fully conscious of it - the mind may not be alert enough to grasp it, but the body speaks it in many ways. - Death; An Inside Story

You must be ready for death every moment of your life. You should live your life in such a way that if you were to drop dead the next moment, you still have ended it reasonably well. You trying to deal with it at the last moment is not the way. - Death; An Inside Story

You did not create life, so you have no business to take it either - whether it is yours or someone else’s. It is as simple as that. There are life situations; some are okay, some are not okay, some are horrible. Still, it does not give you the right to take a life because you are incapable of creating one. - Death; An Inside Story

People who want to commit suicide need sympathy sometimes, but mostly they need a little treatment and very cautious levels of disdain. - Death; An Inside Story

Depression, grief and joy are all infectious. You have to make up your mind as to what you want to infect the world with. - Death; An Inside Story

Most people are living like the dead anyway because they are unconscious of many things within themselves. If people are living unconsciously, it is as good as death. So, in a way, the whole spiritual process is about raising the dead. In that sense, raising the dead is my work. - Death; An Inside Story

When you are very happy, all gods are forgotten. God is the creation of miserable people. Because there are lots of miserable people in the world, God has thrived. - Death; An Inside Story

In reality, death is not the end because there is no such thing as death. Death exists only to one who has no awareness of life. There is only life, life and life alone. - Death; An Inside Story

Fundamentally, death means you are shedding what you have gathered in this life in terms of physical content and psychological content. You may think many things about yourself as a person, but as far as the planet is concerned, it is just recycling itself. It pops you up and pulls you back. In that pop-up, you have an opportunity to transcend this whole cycle. - Death; An Inside Story

I always say, in life, one should have passion towards the highest, compassion for all and dispassion towards oneself. - Death; An Inside Story

The significance of being a human is that you have the ability to discriminate and choose the course of your life. If you don’t employ that, then you are not much of a human being. - Death; An Inside Story

For most people, what happened yesterday is more real than what is happening right now. That is their experience of life. They live by memory. When you live by memory, you live with one foot in the land of death and another in the land of life. That is torture! - Death; An Inside Story

There is nothing wrong in enjoying a story, but believing a story is stupidity. How long will you tell yourself fairy tales? It is time as human beings we show some evolution. You must stop the bloody stories and start looking at the truth about your existence. - Death; An Inside Story

We must decide in our lives whether we want truth that is liberating or we want fancy lies which give solace. - Death; An Inside Story

As long as you are alive, it is important that you see how to contribute to the living because other than doing a few rituals within the stipulated time, there is nothing that you can do about the dead. - Death; An Inside Story

If you believe that the person you are grieving for has enriched your life, show that enrichment in how you live. If you are going to cry for the rest of your life, then it means this person is now the biggest problem in your life, isn’t it? - Death; An Inside Story

In a way, everyone is a ghost. Whether you are a ghost with the body or without a body is the only question. - Death; An Inside Story

The power of ignorance is never to be underestimated. It is very powerful and the world is ruled by it most of the time. You think your knowledge, your fire, your Enlightenment will do things, but the Enlightened are always an individual, the ignorant are in masses. There is a huge power to that. - Death; An Inside Story