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This post is a collection of 20 Elin Hilderbrand quotes, collected from various books. I hope you find these quotes useful.

Elin Hilderbrand Quotes

Women are more than just objects to be looked at. We’re people. You want to give me a compliment? Tell me I’m smart. Tell me I’m strong. - Elin Hilderbrand

Just be aware that what you achieve doesn’t matter as much as what kind of person you are. - Elin Hilderbrand

Marriage is a gamble with even odds; half the time it works, half the time it doesn’t. - Elin Hilderbrand

Pregnancy and childbirth aren’t particularly fair. Women get the short end of the stick. They have to carry the baby, they endure the pain of delivery, and the time-consuming job of nursing ... and that’s only the beginning. - Elin Hilderbrand

Wine and confessions are the best of friends. - Elin Hilderbrand

What does it take to know a person? Time. It takes time. - Elin Hilderbrand

Love is love - or not-love is not-love, as the case may be - and, really, there’s no explaining it. - Elin Hilderbrand

Politics covers such a vast spectrum of issues that it’s unlikely any two Americans hold the exact same views; each person’s political DNA is unique, like biological DNA. - Elin Hilderbrand

No secret in the history of the world has ever been successfully kept. The truth always comes out. - Elin Hilderbrand

You’re young. And the worst thing about being young is not being able to appreciate that you’re young because you aren’t old enough to know any better. - Elin Hilderbrand

When you investigate one crime, you often uncover a bunch of unrelated things that people are hiding. - Elin Hilderbrand

Sisters can be a mixed bag. Having a sister doesn’t always mean an automatic best friend. - Elin Hilderbrand

Racism is systemic. It’s often so deeply buried that you can’t even see it, but it’s there. - Elin Hilderbrand

This is what love feels like. It feels like jumping out of a plane with a parachute that has been packed by someone who’s assured you that, yes, it will open, and you will float safely to the ground. - Elin Hilderbrand

Everyone loses a loved one eventually; it’s part of being human. And everyone must bear the pain alone. - Elin Hilderbrand

Nothing in this world feels as good as hope. - Elin Hilderbrand

Where a person comes from means far less than what she makes of herself. - Elin Hilderbrand

You never forget your first love. It’s a feeling like no other. - Elin Hilderbrand

College is about opening yourself up to new people and new ideas. It’s best to embark on that voyage with a clean slate. - Elin Hilderbrand

Everyone is so self-absorbed that it’s nearly impossible to find someone who can be fully invested in your problems. - Elin Hilderbrand