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This post is a collection of 6 quotes about Gold Investing, collected from various books. I hope you find these quotes useful.

Gold Investing Quotes

Outright physical gold ownership, without pledges or liens, stored outside the banking system, is the only form of gold that is true money, since every other form is a mere conditional claim on gold. - James Rickards

Gold involves none of the risks [...] It has no maturity risk since there is no future date when gold will mature into gold; it is gold in the first place. Gold has no counterparty risk because it is an asset to the holder, but it is not anyone else’s liability. No one “issues” gold the way a note is issued; it is just gold. Once gold is in your possession, it has no risks related to clearance or settlement. Banks may fail, exchanges may close, and the peace may be lost, but these events have no impact on the intrinsic value of gold. This is why gold is the true risk-free asset. - James Rickards

Gold is not a commodity. Gold is not an investment. Gold is money par excellence. - James Rickards

One of the main reasons for holding precious metals is that they are one of the few financial assets that you can hold outside the financial system. And as we have seen lately, the financial system isn’t quite as sound as they’d like you to think. - Michael Maloney

While it is true that gold and silver are always, and at all times, the safe haven and protection against economic upheaval, there are these ever so brief moments in history where gold and silver are simultaneously the safe heaven insurance, and the best-performing investment of the day, achieving truly massive gains in absolute purchasing power. - Michael Maloney

Gold and silver have revalued themselves throughout the centuries and called on fiat paper to account for itself. In doing so, gold and silver bring fraudulent money to justice. They’ve always done this, and they always will. It is as certain as the sunrise. - Michael Maloney