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This post is a collection of 25 quotes from the book - Guide to Investing in Gold & Silver by Michael Maloney. I hope you find these quotes useful.

Guide to Investing in Gold & Silver Quotes

Here’s the dirty little secret: Fiat currency is designed to lose value. Its very purpose is to confiscate your wealth and transfer it to the government.

Debasing the currency to pay for public works, social programs, and war is a pattern that repeats throughout history. It is a pattern that always ends badly.

During financial upheaval, a bubble popping, a market crash, a depression, or a currency crisis such as this one, wealth is not destroyed. It is merely transferred.

Governments never seem to learn that you can’t cheat gold.

In a credit-based economy, whether the economy does well or does poorly is largely based on people’s perception. If people believe things are great, then people borrow and spend currency, and the economy flourishes. But if people have the least bit of anxiety, if they have doubts about tomorrow, then watch out!

Gold and silver require discipline and constraint from banks and governments, and both banks and governments resent gold for it.

Throughout history, governments and the banking system start with a certain amount of gold and silver. Then they make things “easier” on the population by storing the heavy gold and silver for us and printing receipts for us to use as currency. But the trouble is that they never stop printing. They produce more and more receipts until, one day, the public senses the debasement and suddenly, in an explosive move, gold’s and silver’s values catch up to all the receipts.

If you jump into a market when everyone else is doing the same thing, you’re probably too late. On the other hand, if you get into a market early, when it’s fundamentally undervalued, then wait for it to become extremely overvalued, and sell once a true top has been established, you should do very well.

It requires a lot of education and investigation to find an undervalued asset class at the beginning of a new bull market. Those opportunities only go to the very few who do the work required, and those that are able to think for themselves.

The dollar is simply a smoke screen that obscures true value, and that allows the Fed to legally steal from your back pocket while patting you on the shoulder and telling you they’ll make everything all right.

Whenever a politician promises you more free stuff than the guy he’s running against, whenever the masses think they’re getting something for nothing, whenever our government engages in deficit spending, whenever we borrow the prosperity of tomorrow to spend today, it comes back to haunt us in the form of an inflation tax, which insidiously, and invisibly confiscates our wealth. The greatest advantage an investor can have is to understand that fact and exploit it.

Any investor that does reasonable due diligence, takes a position early, waits for the masses to wake up, and hangs on for the ride, has an extremely good chance of making boatloads of money.

I hate to tell you this, but the currency system is stacked against you. If you are an average American who works hard and saves your cash in the bank, you are the biggest loser in this system. The biggest winners are the financial sectors that create the new currency. They grow richer as you grow poorer.

History always repeats itself. When a civilization debases its currency supply, all that currency will once again come chasing that same tiny little pile of metal, and gold and silver will revalue themselves measured in those currencies. This will happen to the United States, just as it did to every empire in history.

Would you loan a guy your life savings and take his IOU, knowing that the guy is promising a rate of interest that’s half the real rate of inflation, that he has been borrowing from everybody in town for more than seventy years, and that he has spent far more than he has borrowed for a majority of those years? I suspect not. In this case, that “guy” is our very own government.

Governments and central banks will promise you this, and promise you that. But the only promise they can deliver on is the only promise they never say out loud: They will inflate the currency supply, and your currency will continue to lose value.

When it comes to potential gains in purchasing power I believe silver stands alone, unloved and ignored by most, and in my opinion, incredibly undervalued.

These cycles that ebb and flow throughout history are as natural as the coming of the tides. And while betting against them may be hazardous to your financial health, investing with them can bring you great wealth.

The good news is that everything always reverts to the mean, and the bad news is that everything always reverts to the mean. Whether the news is good or bad will depend on if you are invested in the correct asset class for the cycle you are currently in. Investors who are aware of this will have wealth knocking on their doors, whereas investors who are caught unaware may end up with collection agents knocking on theirs.

One of the main reasons for holding precious metals is that they are one of the few financial assets that you can hold outside the financial system. And as we have seen lately, the financial system isn’t quite as sound as they’d like you to think.

I’m convinced that precious metals should offer huge gains and a good night’s sleep. In fact, for me, it’s the only investment that gives a good night’s sleep.

History gives a zero percent chance of survival to a fiat currency, and today, all the world’s currencies are fiat.

While it is true that gold and silver are always, and at all times, the safe haven and protection against economic upheaval, there are these ever so brief moments in history where gold and silver are simultaneously the safe heaven insurance, and the best-performing investment of the day, achieving truly massive gains in absolute purchasing power.

Knowledge is power. It is power that can be worn like a suit of armor. Truth can be a weapon. A weapon, which can be wielded like a sword, slicing through the propaganda and misinformation, laying them bare for all to see. Armed with these tools, I march headlong into the storm, not with fear, but with enthusiasm.

Gold and silver have revalued themselves throughout the centuries and called on fiat paper to account for itself. In doing so, gold and silver bring fraudulent money to justice. They’ve always done this, and they always will. It is as certain as the sunrise.