Oct 26, 2020

8 Harlan Coben Quotes from books

Hello friends. This post is a collection of quotes by Harlan Coben. Harlan Coben is a bestselling author of numerous suspense novels, including Run Away, Don't Let Go, Home, and Fool Me Once, as well as the multiaward-winning Myron Bolitar series.


A child comes out hardwired. That was what you learned as a parent - that your kid is who he is and what he is and that you, as a parent, greatly overstate your importance in his development. - Harlan Coben

Being a parent is like being a car mechanic - you can repair the car and take care of the car and keep the car on the road, but you can't fundamentally change the car. If a sports car drives into your garage for repairs, it isn't driving out an SUV. Same with kids. - Harlan Coben

When people decide to end their lives, they often exhibit a sense of calm. The decision has been made. A weight, oddly enough, has been lifted. - Harlan Coben

Most people think, politically speaking, that the right and the left are on a linear continuum - meaning that the right is on one side of the line, and the left is obviously on the other. That they are polar opposites. Far apart from one another. But the horseshoe theory says that the line is, well, shaped more like a horseshoe - that once you start going to the far right and the far left, that the line curves inward so that the two extremes are far closer to one another than they are to the center. Some go as far as to say it's more like a circle - that the line bends so much that far left and far right are virtually indistinguishable - tyranny in one form or another - Harlan Coben

Nothing changes at a 7-Eleven. Time flows forward everywhere except in a 7-Eleven. - Harlan Coben

People underestimate the power of that bright, warm beacon known as fame - and how dark and cold it gets when that beacon goes out. - Harlan Coben

Nature paints her canvas, then you come along and think you can improve it. No. Nature is supposed to be, pardon the wordage, wild. You tame it, you lose what makes it special. - Harlan Coben

Life isn't lived in the black and white. People like to think so nowadays. All the online outrage, things are either all good or all bad. But life is lived in the gray. Life is lived in the nuances. - Harlan Coben