Hello. I am Deepak Kundu, an avid book reader and quotes collector. As a hobby, I collect interesting quotes from the books that I read.

This post is a collection of 15 Howard Marks quotes, collected from various books. I hope you find these quotes useful.

Howard Marks Quotes

The world is changing all the time, unpredictably, at incredible speed. Nothing is the same anymore, and for people whose approach to life is based on sameness, that must be very upsetting. - Howard Marks

The screwiest thing you can do is to think you’re a Master of the Universe. We’re all just little cogs, and the universe will go on without us. We have to fit into it and adapt to it. - Howard Marks

People who don’t fully acknowledge their luck miss the fact that being intelligent is nothing but luck. No one does anything to 'deserve' a high IQ. - Howard Marks

In venture capital, you’ve got to be a dreamer and a futurist. - Howard Marks

When there’s a really powerful bias against an asset class, that’s a way to get a bargain. - Howard Marks

I’m convinced that everything that’s important in investing is counterintuitive, and everything that’s obvious is wrong. - Howard Marks

Look, luck is not enough. But equally, intelligence is not enough, hard work is not enough, and even perseverance is not necessarily enough. You need some combination of all four. - Howard Marks

I’m a big believer in randomness and I just believe I’ve been lucky. - Howard Marks

Trees have never grown to the sky. They may someday. I’m not going to bet on it. - Howard Marks

You can’t know the future, but it helps to know the past. - Howard Marks

Times of laxness have always been followed eventually by corrections in which penalties are imposed. - Howard Marks

In the investment business, it’s very hard to do the right thing, and it’s impossible to do the right thing at the right time. - Howard Marks

Skepticism calls for pessimism when optimism is excessive. But it also calls for optimism when pessimism is excessive. - Howard Marks

What you accomplish in life is not the only important thing. It’s also important how you do it. - Howard Marks

Our performance doesn’t come from what we buy or sell. It comes from what we hold. So the main activity is holding, not buying and selling. - Howard Marks