Hello. I am Deepak Kundu, an avid book reader and quotes collector. As a hobby, I collect interesting quotes from the books that I read.

This post is a collection of 45 quotes from the book - Hustle Harder, Hustle Smarter by Curtis Jackson. I hope you find these quotes useful.

Hustle Harder, Hustle Smarter Quotes

When I try to sum up my ability to keep finding ways to stay on top, I can see it comes down to two main characteristics: I’ve got the heart of a hustler. And I’m fearless.

When I fall off, I’m not waiting for a sympathetic word or someone to check in on me. I’m getting right back on my feet and continuing my journey.

If you’ve put in the work, and know your shit, raise your damn hand! Every single time.

It sounds cliché to say that hard work is the most critical ingredient for success, but it’s a fundamental truth that has to be repeated over and over again. If you’re not hustling your absolute hardest, you’re never going to reach your full potential in life.

A strong work ethic is the one trait all successful people share. I’ve never met anyone at the top of their industry who wasn’t fully committed to their job, who was willing to give anything less than their best.

What really separates me from the pack is that I’m willing to hustle harder and make more sacrifices than 99 percent of the population.

Plenty of people might be willing to outrap, outperform, or even outsmart me, but no one - and I mean no one - is ever going to out-work me.

One thing I always try to assess in new business partners is what I call their “passion stance.” Just how passionate are they about making this thing happen? Someone with a weak passion stance will probably get knocked over the first time they meet a little resistance. I’m not interested in being around that sort of energy.

At the end of the day, I like betting on sure things. And the only sure thing you can always count on, 100 percent of the time, is yourself.

To achieve lasting success, you have to strive for balance when building your team. If you only surround yourself with people from your past, then chances are the past is where you’ll be stuck. But if you abandon the people who were in the trenches with you for people you’ve just met - the ones who might be charismatic but have never proved anything to you - you’re probably going to get burned.

If you bring a bunch of wolves into your circle, you better be damn sure to feed them. Otherwise, it won’t be long before the pack turns on you.

Confidence is great, but too much of it can make a fighter vulnerable. Before a fight, a boxer should have butterflies. They should be a little nervous. They should feel like they’re about to run into someone who’s going to try to kill them, because that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

Most of the time, getting people on the right path will require bringing their competitiveness and cockiness down a few notches. [...] But occasionally you’re going to have to take the opposite approach. You’re going to have to lift them up a bit. Remind them of what they’re capable of. Believe in them so openly that, eventually, they start believing in themselves.

You can’t have a one-size-fits-all mind-set when it comes to effective leadership. You need to tailor a specific approach to every single person on your team in order to get the most out of them.

I’ve been part of thousands of negotiations, and none of them have started exactly where I wanted them. Even with all the leverage I have as a proven entrepreneur and entertainer, to this day I still have to work to get to the number I’m looking for. The key is I never react emotionally.

In every profession or field, the most successful people are always the ones who refuse to settle into the status quo, who don’t get satisfied and complacent once they achieve something, but always push toward the next goal or challenge. Conversely, people who get too comfortable or are unwilling to adapt are usually the ones who get left behind.

I believe a true star must possess four fundamental abilities: create great material, be a high-energy live performer, have a unique appearance, and possess a strong personality.

It’s great to respect the past, but never to the point that it stops you from moving into the future, or even making the most out of the present.

People who are stuck in the past age prematurely. Their driver’s license might say that they’re thirty, but their mentality is older than a lot of folks in their fifties and sixties. Age isn’t about what year you were born - it’s about how you approach the year you’re in right now.

Whenever I hear people say money hasn’t changed them, I always think the same thing: that just means they haven’t made enough of it yet!

You must find people who are going to inject new energy into your life. Because if you keep having the same conversations with the same people year after year, your energy is going to stagnate. Your ideas are going to get stale. Your momentum is going to get stuck.

Every single place I go, I’m studying people. The way they say things, their attitude, information they share. I could be on the train, and I’d be watching people and taking notes. That’s how I learned business, by studying people I admired and how they conducted themselves. Smart people give away so much information through their words or their actions. Grab every single one of those gems that you can.

Always challenge yourself to be around people who might be informed in different ways than you are, who have had different experiences, and, most important, aren’t intimidated to share that information with you. Those are the people who are going to supercharge your evolution into your best self.

I’m comfortable with being known as both 50 Cent and Curtis Jackson. 50 Cent is the perception. Curtis Jackson is the reality.

When you pattern yourself too closely after another person, you’re putting weak, ineffectual energy out into the world. You’re running away from your most inexhaustible power supply: being yourself.

There are certain material goods - and cars are at the top of the list - that signal to other people that you are someone who should be taken seriously. That you are different from the rest of the herd. Especially in New York City. You can’t drive your fancy apartment or brownstone down Broadway, but you can damn sure roll by slow in your whip.

Every time you walk down the street, drive somewhere in your car, go to the supermarket, work out in the gym, or post a picture on social media, you are being judged - by a few people you know and a lot more you’ll never even meet. There’s no sense complaining about it or saying it’s not fair. Instead, it’s incumbent on you to accept that you control how you’re perceived and then prepare the best presentation possible.

Even if your circumstances are disadvantaged or you lack experience, so long as you project the confidence and energy of someone successful, it’s only a matter of time till true success comes and finds you.

Neediness is a turnoff to everyone except the most compassionate people. The vast majority of people are attracted to the things they think they can’t have. No matter what the setting, unattainability is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

Where I was from, you never, ever wanted to admit you were afraid. Once you did that, you were food. Everyone was going to come and take a piece of you until there was nothing left.

One of the main reasons I’ll always be relevant is because no one can be a better 50 Cent than me. They can be younger than me. Have a better sense of style and a better ear for beats. But they can never be a better 50 Cent than me (though that hasn’t stopped a lot of people from trying). As long as I’m always myself, no one can beat me at that. As long as you’re comfortable walking your truth, no one will ever beat you at being you, either.

I’d always prefer to be friends with someone, but if they’re not interested, then I consider being enemies the next best option. Why? Because if you hate me, you’re more likely to talk about me.

No one asks their friends if they’ve listened to a song they feel neutral about. No one mentions a writer or a designer that doesn’t elicit a strong reaction in them. We only bring up things we love. Or things we hate. I’d always prefer the love. But if I can’t get that, I’ll take the hate.

I’m extremely comfortable with the concept of competition. I don’t care if it’s music, TV, clothes, liquor, or sneakers: if I’m looking to get into a space that someone else is already occupying, watch how fast I turn it into a competition. Some people shy or even run away from challenge, but I always stroll confidently toward it.

No matter what you do, or what your field, there is someone else great in it, too. So instead of believing your own hype, identify that individual and make them your competition.

No matter what you’ve accomplished, you’re never done competing. I’ve sold over 30 million records, but every time I step in the booth I know I’m about to be measured up. Not against anyone else, either. Against myself.

Whenever you write something down, it promotes a more focused way of thinking. When ideas only live in your mind, it’s easy for you to lose track of them. Even if they’re extremely powerful, they get lost in the stream of new information that’s constantly entering your head. [...] Once it’s on paper or your computer file, it’s there forever. Staring you back in the face whenever you look at it. Whether or not you act on it is still up to you, but at least you won’t forget it. Once you have it down on paper, you’re setting yourself up to make something valuable happen.

Don’t look at failure as something you need to distance yourself from. Try to embrace it instead. Wrap your hands around it and examine it. Believe that you can use it to rebuild your idea and take it to an even higher level than you’d originally conceived. That’s the approach all true winners take.

As I grow older, the one thing that becomes clearer to me each and every day is that I don’t owe anyone a thing. And neither do you.

You should never feel like the world owes you anything. It doesn’t. There is no version of hustling harder or smarter that involves relying on the assumption that someone is going to do anything for you. You must accept that it’s all on you.

I don’t care how long I’ve known you. I am going to remove you from my life forever if I start to feel like you’re holding me back.

In order to be a true hustler, you have to chase the gratification that can only come from making things happen yourself, when you have a vision that no one else can identify with and pour everything you have into it. You find yourself in valley after valley and can’t ever quite catch a glimpse of the mountaintop. But you keep pushing forward, until that one day when you finally do make it to that peak. Man, that’s going to be the best damn view you ever saw in your life. You’re going to soak up every bit of that mountain air and enjoy every inch of the panorama spread out in front of you.

You can only get true fulfillment and happiness from enjoying the achievement you made happen yourself.

Don’t let the thought of starting all over again make you depressed. Understand that most successful people end up chasing the same dream multiple times before it ever comes to fruition.

I want to be around talented folks who can lift me higher, not people who want to piggyback off my success.