Namaste friends. This post is a collection of Kate Quinn quotes from her books. Kate Quinn is the best selling author of various books such as The Rose Code, The Huntress and The Alice Network.


No one should tell their mother more than one-third of anything they get up to.

A girl couldn’t let herself be carried away in the heat of the moment - that was for men, who had nothing to lose.

Marry for friendship, not love. Friends listen better than lovers!

It doesn’t matter if you’re fighting a war with swords, with bombers, or with sticks and stones - weapons are no good unless you know when and where to aim them.

Wars are cyclical. It shouldn’t surprise anyone when they come round again.

It happens, you know. Strain. It gets even the best brains in the business. Sometimes the best brains are the ones that get it worst.

Cambridge is lovelier than Oxford. Don’t let any of the Oxford blokes tell you different.

If you were a man and you wrote funny pieces about daily life, they called it satire. If you were a woman and you wrote funny pieces about daily life, they called it fluff.

In a war, you save who you can. Whenever you can.

The best lies have the most truth.

There’s no social disaster that can’t be remedied with good manners!

There’s simply nothing like French cigarettes, French knickers, or French men!