This post is a collection of quotes from the book - Klara and the Sun by Kazuo Ishiguro. Klara and the Sun is a masterpiece that will make you think about life, mortality, the saving grace of love.


The way you’re always willing to give people a decent chance. That’s a good trait.

We don’t do everything we said when we were small.

It’s not enough just being clever. You have to get along with others.

It must be great. Not to miss things. Not to long to get back to something. Not to be looking back all the time.

Kids can be hurtful sometimes. They believe if you happen to be an adult, nothing can possibly hurt you.

It’s not faith you need. Only rationality.

We’re both of us sentimental. We can’t help it. Our generation still carry the old feelings. A part of us refuses to let go. The part that wants to keep believing there’s something unreachable inside each of us. Something that’s unique.

Hope. Damn thing never leaves you alone.

Lifted or not, genuine ability has to get noticed. Unless this world’s completely crazy now.

I’m just not like a show, okay? I can’t sparkle and entertain all day. Sometimes I just want to sit and chill out.

If one child has more ability than another, then it’s only right the brighter one gets the opportunities. The responsibilities too. I accept that. But what I won’t accept is that Rick can’t have a decent life. I refuse to accept this world has become so cruel.

Perhaps all humans are lonely. At least potentially.