Namaste friends. This post is a collection of Leigh Bardugo quotes from her books. Leigh Bardugo is the best selling author of the Shadow and Bone Trilogy.


I wonder sometimes how much we really understand our own gifts.

There is something more powerful than any army. Something strong enough to topple kings, and even Darklings. Do you know what that thing is? Faith.

Silly girl. There’s no such thing as too much champagne. Though your head will try to tell you otherwise tomorrow.

The problem with hiring a man who sells his honor is that you can always be outbid.

I like to have powerful enemies. Makes me feel important.

Anything worth doing always starts as a bad idea.

When people say impossible, they usually mean improbable.

I’m telling you that if you want to be a leader, it’s time you started thinking and acting like one.

The less you say, the more weight your words will carry.

Don’t wish for bricks when you can build from stone. Use whatever or whoever is in front of you.

It’s simply a question of finding the right incentive. Pauper or prince, every man can be bought.

You know the problem with heroes and saints? They always end up dead.

After fools wage their battles, it is the rats that rule the fields and towns.

There is no greater power than faith, and there will be no greater army than one driven by it.

War is the price of change.

Suffering is cheap as clay and twice as common. What matters is what each man makes of it.

I make it a policy never to seduce anyone prettier than I am.

In the end, maybe love just meant longing for something impossibly bright and forever out of reach.

I just know there’s no way to live without pain - no matter how long or short your life is. People let you down. You get hurt and do damage in return.

We all die. Not everyone dies for a reason.

Hope was tricky like water. Somehow it always found a way in.