44 Quotes about Life from Books

Hello. I am Deepak Kundu, an avid book reader and quotes collector. Here is a list of 44 quotes about Life that I liked and saved from various books. I hope you enjoy reading them.

Life Quotes

Life is not always about happiness. It is about duty, and taking satisfaction from doing the right thing.

from The Giver of Stars book by Jojo Moyes

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Life is both dangerous and fleeting, and thus there is no point in denying yourself pleasure or adventure while you are here.

from City of Girls book by Elizabeth Gilbert

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Sometimes in life, we make the greatest forward progress by going backward.

from The Clash of the Cultures book by John C. Bogle

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The secret of life is death. Everything is about death, you see. In essence. Our existence only makes sense because of it; it provides meaning to our narrative. Our direction of travel is always towards it. Our behaviour is either because we fear it, or because we choose to deny it.

from The Man Who Died Twice book by Richard Osman

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Life is a funny thing. We only get so many years to live it, so we have to do everything we can to make sure those years are as full as they can be. We shouldn’t waste time on things that might happen someday, or maybe even never.

from It Ends With Us book by Colleen Hoover

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This is what life’s about: being somewhere beautiful, with someone you love.

from People We Meet on Vacation book by Emily Henry

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There’s a path in this life with your name on it. What God means for you to have, no one can take away from you. It’s already yours. Our mission, as God’s children, is to surrender to what he has ordained – and to freely let all else just pass us by.

from Just as I Am book by Cicely Tyson

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Your life is short and rare and amazing and miraculous, and you want to do really interesting things and make really interesting things while you’re still here. I know that’s what you want for yourself, because that’s what I want for myself, too.

from Big Magic book by Elizabeth Gilbert

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Life is our résumé. It is our story to tell, and the choices we make write the chapters. Can we live in a way where we look forward to looking back?

from Greenlights book by Matthew McConaughey

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Life is complicated. Which is why finding a little joy where you can is important.

from The Giver of Stars book by Jojo Moyes

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Life is so damn, damn, damn tough sometimes that it’s almost unbearable. Even if that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

from Us Against You book by Fredrik Backman

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Life is a weird thing. We spend all our time trying to manage different aspects of it, yet we are still largely shaped by things that happen beyond our control.

from Us Against You book by Fredrik Backman

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Life’s a mystery, isn’t it? People who try and plan it inevitably end up disappointed.

from Lessons in Chemistry book by Bonnie Garmus


There are things in life so valuable that you must risk the pain of losing them for the joy of briefly having them.

from Book Lovers book by Emily Henry


It’s not your station in life that matters. It’s how you conduct yourself that counts.

from The Maid book by Nita Prose


Life is a funny thing. One day can be quite shocking, and so can the next. But the two shocks might be as different from each other as night from day, as black from white, as good from evil.

from The Maid book by Nita Prose


In this life, you just never know what’s around the bend, be it a dead man or your next date.

from The Maid book by Nita Prose


There are times in life when we must do things we don’t want to. But do them we must.

from The Maid book by Nita Prose


Life can be complicated at times. But the challenges you face are the same ones that billions of people have encountered throughout history. Those who have conquered the obstacles before them, whether personal or professional, have one thing in common. They never gave up. Neither should you!.

from The Hero Code book by William H. McRaven


One of the keys to a successful and happy life is to be flexible enough to respond appropriately to whatever change comes your way.

from Rich Dad’s CASHFLOW Quadrant book by Robert Kiyosaki


There are many twists and turns as one hops down the bunny trail of life.

from Billy Summers book by Stephen King


Reading about life was no preparation for living it.

from The Maidens book by Alex Michaelides


Life is rough for everyone, and it’s complicated. It’s full of hairpin turns we don’t see coming.

from These Tangled Vines book by Julianne MacLean


Life is often more complex than the stories we like to tell about it.

from Noise book by Daniel Kahneman, Olivier Sibony and Cass R. Sunstein


Life is unfolding exactly as it is meant to, exactly as the Spirit intended. Leave it alone and let it play out.

from Just as I Am book by Cicely Tyson


The bottom line is that life is one big mind game. The only person you are playing against is yourself.

from Can’t Hurt Me book by David Goggins


Life is tough. You need to be tougher or it will turn you inside out.

from The Four Winds book by Kristin Hannah


We can have in life but one great experience at best, and the secret of life is to reproduce that experience as often as possible.

from The Picture of Dorian Gray book by Oscar Wilde


Oh! anything becomes a pleasure if one does it too often. That is one of the most important secrets of life.

from The Picture of Dorian Gray book by Oscar Wilde


Life continues to be full of surprises – right up until the bitter end.

from Ready Player Two book by Ernest Cline


I expect you to go through life with your eyes open! If you keep your destiny in mind, every moment in life becomes an opportunity for moving closer to it.

from Memoirs of a Geisha book by Arthur Golden


Ultimately, life is all about choices. One’s destiny unfolds according to the choices one makes.

from The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari book by Robin Sharma


God, life is beautiful. Don’t miss out on all of its awesomeness and incredibleness. It’s there for you – no matter what you might be going through.

from The 5 AM Club book by Robin Sharma


Listen to me. Life can feel very long sometimes, but in the end, it goes so fast. You better live a good life.

from The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue book by V. E. Schwab


Life isn’t lived in the black and white. People like to think so nowadays. All the online outrage, things are either all good or all bad. But life is lived in the gray. Life is lived in the nuances.

from The Boy from the Woods book by Harlan Coben


Life isn’t a collection of unrelated events, it’s a narrative that stretches into the past and the future.

from Think Like a Monk book by Jay Shetty


Life can be cruel, as you know. But it can also be kind. Filled with wonders. You need to remember that. You have your own choice to make. What’re you going to focus on? What’s unfair, or all the wonderful things that happen? Both are true, both are real. Both need to be accepted. But which carries more weight with you? The terrible or the wonderful? The goodness or the cruelty? Your life will be decided by that choice.

from All The Devils Are Here book by Louise Penny


That’s the way life is – not an independent, self-contained bubble but a moment-to-moment dialogue with the universe. You don’t have to work at making it that way. You just have to see it the way it is.

from Inner Engineering book by Sadhguru


In life, there is no “this” and “that”; there is only “this” and “this.” This means everything is here and now. […] There is no “yes” and “no.” There is just “yes” and “yes”! The choice is yours.

from Inner Engineering book by Sadhguru


Life gets to be a burden … if you live long enough you’ll find that out for yourself.

from Fairy Tale book by Stephen King


Life is learning. Period. Overcoming ignorance is the whole point of the journey. You’re not supposed to know at the beginning. The whole point of venturing into uncertainty is to bring light to the darkness of our ignorance.

from Will book by Will Smith

It seems that our paths in life are not found in our minds. Our path in life is to find out what is in our hearts.

from Rich Dad’s CASHFLOW Quadrant book by Robert Kiyosaki

Life’s too short to live without purpose, to lose our chance to serve, to let our dreams and aspirations die with us.

from Think Like a Monk book by Jay Shetty

You come into this world with nothing and you go empty-handed. The wealth of life lies only in how you have allowed its experiences to enrich you. Filth can blossom into the fragrance of a flower. Manure can transform itself into the sweetness of a mango. No adversity is an impediment if you are in a state of conscious response. No matter what the nature of the situation you are in, it can only enhance your experience of life, if you allow it to.

from Inner Engineering book by Sadhguru