Mar 27, 2021

17 Quotes from Mexican Gothic book by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Mexican Gothic book by Silvia Moreno-Garcia.jpg

Namaste friends. This post is a collection of quotes from the book - Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia. Mexican Gothic is a perfect summer horror read, a period thriller as rich in suspense as it is in lush ’50s atmosphere.


It’s so much more fun when a gentleman offers a lady a cigarette. - Mexican Gothic, Chapter 1

The unattractive will not procreate. Beauty attracts beauty and begets beauty. It is a means of selection. - Mexican Gothic, Chapter 3

I do my best thinking when I’m in motion. - Mexican Gothic, Chapter 4

Women needed to be liked or they’d be in trouble. A woman who is not liked is a bitch, and a bitch can hardly do anything: all avenues are closed to her. - Mexican Gothic, Chapter 6

Men were always so afraid of tears, of having a hysterical woman on their hands. - Mexican Gothic, Chapter 6

Our bodies hide so many mysteries and they tell so many stories without a single word, do they not? - Mexican Gothic, Chapter 7

Marriage could hardly be like the passionate romances one read about in books. It seemed to her, in fact, a rotten deal. Men would be solicitous and well behaved when they courted a woman, asking her out to parties and sending her flowers, but once they married, the flowers wilted. You didn’t have married men posting love letters to their wives. - Mexican Gothic, Chapter 9

The world is filled with so many extraordinary wonders, isn’t it? You could spend a lifetime peering in forests and jungles and never see one tenth of nature’s secrets. - Mexican Gothic, Chapter 9

In a sense all dreams foretell events, but some more clearly than others. - Mexican Gothic, Chapter 14

It is important to maintain a sense of order in one’s house, in one’s life. It helps you determine your place in the world, where you belong. Taxonomical classifications help place each creature atop its right branch. It’s no good to forget yourself, nor your obligations. - Mexican Gothic, Chapter 15

It was easy to kiss someone when it didn’t matter; it was more difficult when it might be meaningful. - Mexican Gothic, Chapter 16

It seems you are determined to be difficult today. I shouldn’t be surprised. Women can be terribly mercurial. - Mexican Gothic, Chapter 21

Nothing but meat, she was the equivalent of a cut of beef inspected by the butcher and wrapped up in waxed paper. An exotic little something to stir the loins and make the mouth water. - Mexican Gothic, Chapter 22

It’s the common lust of all men. He simply wants to have you, like a little butterfly in his collection. One more pretty girl. - Mexican Gothic, Chapter 23

You are right to think that I was grown like an orchid. Carefully manufactured, carefully reared. I am, yes, like an orchid. Accustomed to a certain climate, a certain amount of light and heat. I’ve been fashioned for a single end. - Mexican Gothic, Chapter 23

You like a hint of danger, but back home they wrap you in gauze, to keep you from breaking. But you’d like to break, wouldn’t you? You play with people and you wish someone would have the guts to play with you. - Mexican Gothic, Chapter 24

The future could not be predicted, and the shape of things could not be divined. To think otherwise was absurd. - Mexican Gothic, Chapter 27