Hello. I am Deepak Kundu, an avid book reader and quotes collector. As a hobby, I collect interesting quotes from the books that I read.

This post is a collection of 10 quotes about New York, collected from various books. I hope you find these quotes useful.

New York is full of beautiful people, actors and models moonlighting as bartenders and baristas, making drinks to cover rent until their first big break. - V. E. Schwab

New York kind of makes you feel like it’s the only place in existence. - Rebecca Serle

As any New Yorker can tell you, you will eventually run into everyone on the sidewalks of this city. For that reason, New York is a terrible town in which to have an enemy. - Elizabeth Gilbert

I loved growing up in New York. That’s the best education in the world, it really is. - Robert Kolker

Whenever I come to a new town, I like to get my bearings. I want to understand the layout of the streets and the layout of the people. In some cities this can take you days to accomplish. In Boston, it can take you weeks. In New York, years. - Amor Towles

New York was a great place to have no money. There’s so much free art and beauty, so much incredible, cheap food. But having money in New York, now that would be magical. - Emily Henry

In New York, it’s impossible to escape the feeling of being one person among millions, as if you’re all nerve endings in one vast organism. - Emily Henry

That’s what I love about New York. You’re never the weirdest person in the room. - Emily Henry

Life in New York, was like being in a giant bookstore: all these trillions of paths and possibilities drawing dreamers into the city’s beating heart, saying, I make no promises but I offer many doors. - Emily Henry

You’re not a true New Yorker until you’re willing to feel your emotions out in the open. - Emily Henry