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This post is a collection of 18 quotes from the book - Once Upon a Time in Hollywood by Quentin Tarantino. I hope you find these quotes useful.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Quotes

You are an actor. Actors have to be able to access their emotions. We need our actors to cry. Sometimes that facility comes at a cost.

Life is a bleeding, screaming, violently jerking pig in your arms. And death is you holding a bunch of heavy unmoving meat.

If you wanna experience what it’s like to kill a man, killing a pig is as legally close as you can get.

Most important thing in this town, when you’re making money: Buy a house in town. Don’t rent. [...] Hollywood real estate means you live here. You’re not visiting. You’re not passing through. You fuckin’ live here!

What other people call courtship is all just a goddamn transaction. Girls would rather go out with some rich fuck, who the bill doesn’t mean shit to, than some lovesick dope, who’s saved up and is spending his last dollar on them.

Ninety-seven percent of everybody you’ve ever met in your life, and ninety-seven percent of everybody you’ll ever meet in your life, have spent ninety-seven percent of their lives running away from fear.

If New York is the city that never sleeps, Los Angeles in the middle of the night and early wee hours of the morning turns back into the desert it was before it got paved over with concrete.

It’s one of the few drawbacks to being a wealthy landowner. Anyone who wants you can find you.

Love is for young girls with their brains in their ass.

It’s the actor’s job to strive for one hundred percent effectiveness. Naturally we never succeed, but it’s the pursuit that’s meaningful.

Do not underestimate the desire for a woman to have a daddy take care of them.

You don’t hafta fuck her better than any other man, you hafta fuck her different than any other man.

When a man of principle battles a scoundrel, the scoundrel always at first has the upper hand. Because there are some things the man of principle won’t do. While the scoundrel will do whatever it takes. That is, until the man of principle is pushed past his breaking point and beyond his nature. Most of Greek tragedy, half of all English theater, and three-quarters of American cinema operated from this premise.

A toast! To my wife and all my sweethearts—may they never meet.

It’s only by embracing fear that one conquers one’s self. To conquer fear is to render one unconquerable.

Actors are phony. They just say lines that other people write. They pretend to murder people on their stupid TV shows, while real people are being murdered every day in Vietnam. But stuntmen? You guys are different. You jump off fuckin’ buildings. You set yourselves on fire. You embrace fear.

Prison has tried to get me my whole life. But it ain’t ever got me yet. But the day it does get me, it ain’t gonna be because of you. No offense.

Life’s too short not to drive a convertible.