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This post is a collection of 25 quotes from the book - Roommaid by Sariah Wilson. I hope you find these quotes useful.

Roommaid Quotes

I tried to tell myself to look away from his face, because it was like staring into the sun. Like how every time there's an eclipse scientists are constantly warning the public not to stare at it so as to not go blind, and everybody stares at it anyway.

He laughed, and his laughter was like a thousand perfect sunsets combined with the happiness of a hundred seven-year-olds' surprise birthday parties. It was warmth and joy and exuberance all rolled into one, and it lit up the butterflies in my stomach, making them dance and swirl.

It was time to start a new life with a new roommate, new apartment, and new responsibilities. I was up for the challenge. At least, I hoped I was.

Men are a hundred times hotter when they love dogs.

He should stop walking around looking like that. Good grief. I bet every woman in a three-block radius is in constant heat just from the proximity.

I'd recently decided, [...], that I wasn't interested in dating a man with money. I'd seen that life. I'd grown up in it. It wasn't what I wanted. I didn't want appearances to matter more than anything else. Where it was fine if your marriage was falling apart as long as you put on a brave face and pretended like everything was normal. Where you ignored your children and let them be raised by nannies because you had to go to the spa and take multiple vacations a year because of how very stressful your life was. A life where you pitted your children against one another and made them compete for your time and affection.

When I love something, I don't do it halfway.

I hadn't been raised with much of a moral code - in fact, I'd been taught that anything went as long as my end goals were reached, that laws were merely suggestions.

Criticism is just an unpleasant way of telling the truth.

Having the car is fun. Buying it usually not so much.

I liked feeling as if I could conquer every obstacle around me and tame all the lions in my path. A girl could get used to a guy who made her feel like she could take over the world.

A man who spoils his dog will definitely spoil the woman he's in love with.

Sometimes you have to cross the line to see where it actually is.

Friends weren't really your friends until you'd forced them to watch your favorite TV programs. And that was even more true for boyfriends.

It was funny how quickly your life could change, how something that seemed so foreign at first quickly became your new normal.

I think the great thing about abstract art is that there are no rules. It's all about freedom of expression.

From the moment his lips touched mine, it was like someone had plugged my mouth into an electrical socket. A surge zipped through me, giving me goose bumps and heating my blood. It lasted for only a few seconds but it almost zapped my ability to hold myself upright.

We kissed and kissed, building and building the storm until it threatened to rage out of control. I couldn't have guessed how long we stayed locked in our embrace, only that I wanted to spend the rest of time kissing, and being kissed by, this man. I'd never known anything to be quite as glorious or as intoxicating.

I'm on your side and I'll stand by you. No matter what decision you make. But it is your decision, hard as it may be. Someone told me recently that we always have a choice. Make the one that will make you happy. Not our parents.

Traveling is always better when it's with someone you care about.

I didn't want to be just his friend. I definitely didn't want to be just his roommaid. I wanted more than a crush. More than this unrequited limbo I was currently living in. I wanted to be with him, to be his partner and his girlfriend, for him to love me the way that I loved him.

Knowing that I loved him wasn't like being in a dark room and then having a bright light suddenly turn on; I didn't look at him one day and realize that I'd fallen for him completely. It was gradual, more like a sunrise, where it got brighter and brighter until it became something that I just knew - I'd fallen in love with him. Slowly, day by day, he had become the most important person in my life.

You believed in me in a way no one else had in a long time. I had to pretend in so many parts of my life, like I was playing some role. But I never felt that way when I was with you. I was always just me, and I loved that.

I'm lost without you. I was content in my life before I met you, but I can't go back to how things used to be. There's only being with you and missing you. The only life I want is one with you in it.

Most of the people I've loved stopped loving me after I made mistakes. And I didn't want that to happen with you, because being with you is when I feel most like me. Like I'm the person I always wanted to be. As if I get to see myself through your eyes. And you are such an amazing person and I love everything about you and I feel so lucky to get to be with you.