Hello. I am Deepak Kundu, an avid book reader and quotes collector. As a hobby, I collect interesting quotes from the books that I read.

This post is a collection of 18 quotes from the book - Shadows in Death by Nora Roberts. I hope you find these quotes useful.

Shadows in Death Quotes

That face, that face. One of life's serious miracles [...]. Eyes, boldly blue with lashes as silky as the black hair that fell nearly to his shoulders [...]. He had a mouth creative angels sculpted on a particularly generous day. The planes, the angles combined in a result somewhere between the romance of a poet and the sexuality of one of those angels defiantly taking the fall. Add the music of Ireland in his voice, and you had an exceptional package.

We'd only have an hour, maybe two. We loved a lifetime's worth. We knew we only had that little bit of time.

He'd do me in a heartbeat if he could manage it, but he'd kill what matters to me and enjoy it all the more. A killer is what he is, and always has been.

A careful man, and one with the means, kept track of enemies.

People who take lovers think they're being clever and careful, when they're rarely either.

He doesn't know you, boy. He thinks he does, but he doesn't know you and never did. He'll look now, and hard, but still only see the surface. He'll envy your money and your reputation, the dark and the light there. And your freedom, because the life he chose doesn't allow him real freedom. But he'll never see who you are, he'll never understand what you're made of. And that's your advantage. Or one of them.

You want to pay back an enemy, kill what he loves. You end him after that, but he suffers first.

I can thank you for your kindness, and I do. But I don't care about kindness from you now. I want your fierceness.

Knowing your enemies is a vital part of surviving.

I was born a thief. And the need to survive honed that natural talent. I worked the tourists and the shops, and then the homes and flats of the rich. I won't insult two people I care for by denying I enjoyed it.

Separately, you're strong, clever people. Together you're a force. There are parallels in your childhoods. You were meant to be together.

A meal well presented can be a comfort. I thought we all could use some.

Whacking off provides release, but it doesn't feed the ego like a beautiful woman who's there to do whatever you want.

Dreams had the canny skill of blending the bright and dark together into shifting shadows, and hiding those keen teeth until they tore into the throat.

You're not just good, not merely exceptional. You're an extraordinary investigator. I've watched you over the years, Lieutenant, pick up a detail others might miss as a spot of lint. It might mean little on its own, but you dig at it, pull at it, intuit from it, and fit it into the rest.

Sometimes it was just nice to be married. Maybe especially nice with all the crap coming down on them right now to know they had each other.

We're Irish, you see. We've fought on and for the land for all time.

It takes a strong woman to stand back and let her man do what she wants to do herself.