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This post is a collection of 11 Stepan Arkadyich quotes, collected from various books. I hope you find these quotes useful.

Stepan Arkadyich Quotes

That is the aim of education: to turn everything into a pleasure. - Stepan Arkadyich

Women are the pivot on which everything turns. - Stepan Arkadyich

All the variety, all the wonder and beauty of life is made up of light and shade. - Stepan Arkadyich

Spirited steeds I recognize by their something-or-other brands, and love-sick youths by their eyes. - Stepan Arkadyich

Coming to you is just like getting off a steamer after all that noise and juddering, and stepping on to a quiet shore. - Stepan Arkadyich

A cigar is not so much a pleasure in itself, but the badge and hallmark of pleasure. - Stepan Arkadyich

The subject of woman, you see, will always be completely new, however much you study it. - Stepan Arkadyich

I think that no activity can be sound if it is not based on self-interest. It’s a general, philosophical truth. - Stepan Arkadyich

There is no situation from which there is no way out. - Stepan Arkadyich

You must choose one of two things: either admit that the existing order of society is fair and then stand up for your rights; or acknowledge that you have unfair advantages, as I do, and enjoy having them. - Stepan Arkadyich

A man has to be independent, he has his own masculine interests. A man has to be manly. - Stepan Arkadyich