19 Quotes from The $100 Startup book by Chris Guillebeau

The $100 Startup Quotes

Hello. I am Deepak Kundu, an avid book reader and quotes collector. Here is a list of 19 quotes that I liked and saved while reading The $100 Startup book by Chris Guillebeau. I hope you enjoy reading them.

The $100 Startup Quotes

There’s no rehab program for being addicted to freedom. Once you’ve seen what it’s like on the other side, good luck trying to follow someone else’s rules ever again. - The $100 Startup

The old choice was to work at a job or take a big risk going out on your own. The new reality is that working at a job may be the far riskier choice. Instead, take the safe road and go out on your own. - The $100 Startup

Only when passion merges with a skill that other people value can you truly follow your passion to the bank. - The $100 Startup

Being different isn’t enough; differentiation that makes you better is what’s required. - The $100 Startup

The first time you make a sale in a new business, no matter the amount, it’s a very big deal. - The $100 Startup

You should offer an incredible guarantee or no guarantee at all. A weak guarantee, or one that is unclear, can work against your credibility instead of helping it. - The $100 Startup

A good launch is like a Hollywood movie: You first hear about it far in advance, then you hear more about it before the debut, then you watch as crowds of people anxiously queue up for the opening. - The $100 Startup

Freely give, freely receive: It works. The more you focus your business on providing a valuable service and helping people, the more your business will grow. - The $100 Startup

The next time someone asks for something, try saying yes and see what it leads to. Whatever success I’ve had in my own work thus far has always come from saying yes, not from saying no. - The $100 Startup

Get up in the morning and get to work. Make something worth talking about and then talk about it. - The $100 Startup

Many aspiring business owners make two common, related mistakes: thinking too much about where to get money to start their project and thinking too little about where the business income will come from. - The $100 Startup

If you have to spend your time correcting problems caused by the team created to support you, the team hasn’t really improved your life. - The $100 Startup

Once a business gets up and running, it’s very easy to get trapped in all kinds of things that have nothing to do with making money. The solution is simple: Focus on the money. - The $100 Startup

If you have a range of projects, products, or activities, it’s almost always better to devote your efforts to the strong performers than to try and pull up the weak ones. Most people do the opposite, but if your goal is for everything to be average, that’s the best you’ll ever get. - The $100 Startup

Entrepreneurs are not necessarily risk takers; it’s just that they define risk and security differently from the way other people do. - The $100 Startup

If you know what you need to do, the next step is simply to do it. Stop waiting. Start taking action. - The $100 Startup

Failure is overrated—who says you’ll fail? You can just as easily succeed. - The $100 Startup

Advice can be helpful, but you can also just step out and take a big leap. Don’t wait for someone to give you permission. - The $100 Startup

Creativity and initiative will get you far, regardless of the starting point. - The $100 Startup