Feb 19, 2021

38 Quotes from The Four Winds book by Kristin Hannah

Hello friends. This post is a collection of quotes from the book - The Four Winds by Kristin Hannah. The Four Winds is a rich, sweeping novel that stunningly brings to life the Great Depression and the people who lived through it - the harsh realities that divided us as a nation and the enduring battle between the haves and the have-nots.


Hope is a coin I carry: an American penny, given to me by a man I came to love. There were times in my journey when it felt as if that penny and the hope it represented were the only things that kept me going. - The Four Winds

Don’t worry about dying. Worry about not living. Be brave. - The Four Winds

Books had always been her solace; novels gave her the space to be bold, brave, beautiful, if only in her own imagination. - The Four Winds

She’d learned how to disappear in place long ago. She was like one of those animals whose defense mechanism is to blend into the landscape and become invisible. It was her way of dealing with rejection: Say nothing and disappear. Never fight back. If she remained quiet enough, people eventually forgot she was there and left her alone. - The Four Winds

Even though Prohibition made liquor illegal, there was plenty to be had for the men, who were a tough, sturdy group of immigrants from Russia, Germany, Italy, and Ireland. They’d come here with nothing and made something out of that nothing and they didn’t cotton to being told how to live, not by each other or by a government. - The Four Winds

I know about growing up in a household where love is withheld. I won’t do that to my child. - The Four Winds

Believe me, this little girl will love you as no one ever has ... and make you crazy and try your soul. Often all at the same time. - The Four Winds

Life is tough. You need to be tougher or it will turn you inside out. - The Four Winds

Some lives are not ours to hold on to; God makes His choices without us. - The Four Winds

Passion is a thunderstorm, there and gone. It nourishes, sì, but it drowns, too. - The Four Winds

Marry a man of the land, one who is reliable and true. One who will keep you steady. - The Four Winds

Remember, cara, hard times don’t last. Land and family do. - The Four Winds

For a man who had two religions - God and the land - he was dying a little each day, disappointed by them both. He spent long minutes throughout the day staring at his snow-covered winter-wheat fields, begging his God to let the wheat grow. - The Four Winds

When your children were dying, you did anything to save them, even walk over mountains and across deserts. - The Four Winds

When times is tough and jobs is scarce, folks blame the outsider. It’s human nature. And raht now, that’s us. - The Four Winds

How much difference a friend could make. How one person could lift your spirit just enough to keep you upright. - The Four Winds

Poverty was a soul-crushing thing. A cave that tightened around you, its pinprick of light closing a little more at the end of each desperate, unchanged day. - The Four Winds

There’s fire in you, kid. Don’t let the bastards put it out. - The Four Winds

You could count on a man like that, she thought. A man who didn’t just spout ideas, but fought for them, took beatings for them, and stayed in place. - The Four Winds

The simple joy of seeing sunshine through clean glass, golden, pure as the gaze of God, and how it could lift one’s spirit. - The Four Winds

What in the world was more restorative than a child’s love? - The Four Winds

Words and ideas can be deadly. You be careful what you say and to whom, especially in this town. - The Four Winds

It’s not weak, you know. To feel things deeply, to want things. To need. - The Four Winds

Life went on, even in the hardest of times. - The Four Winds

It’s open to the public, but ... well ... sometimes it’s better to study politics from a nice, safe historical perspective. The real thing can be pretty ugly. - The Four Winds

The growers are scared, the townspeople are angry, the state is bleeding money, and people are desperate. It’s a volatile situation. Something’s gotta give. - The Four Winds

You know the thing about history? It’s over. Already dead and gone. - The Four Winds

The things your parents say and the things your husband doesn’t say become a mirror, don’t they? You see yourself as they see you, and no matter how far you come, you bring that mirror with you. - The Four Winds

Sometimes a person had to stand up and say enough was enough. - The Four Winds

Men. They always thought everything was about them. But women could stand up for their rights, too; women could hold picket signs and stop the means of production as well as men. - The Four Winds

Life is more than what happens to us, Elsa. We have choices to make. - The Four Winds

It’s dangerous, though. Don’t forget this. When I was a girl, I saw revolution up close. Blood runs in the streets. Don’t forget for one moment that the state has all the power - money and weapons and manpower. - The Four Winds

No sorries. We fought, we struggled, we hurt each other, so what? That’s what love is, I think. It’s all of it. Tears, anger, joy, struggle. Mostly, it’s durable. It lasts. - The Four Winds

My life. It’s ... more of an idea. A cause. Or it has been. For years, I’ve been fighting to make the rich pay their workers a living wage. I hate the inequity between the haves and the have-nots. I’ve been beaten and gone to prison for it. - The Four Winds

It wasn’t the fear that mattered in life. It was the choices made when you were afraid. You were brave because of your fear, not in spite of it. - The Four Winds

Love. In the best of times, it is a dream. In the worst of times, a salvation. - The Four Winds

The world can be changed by a handful of courageous people. Today we fight on behalf of those who are afraid. - The Four Winds

Find your voice and use it ... take chances ... never give up. - The Four Winds