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This post is a collection of 16 quotes from the book - The Guest List by Lucy Foley. I hope you find these quotes useful.

The Guest List Quotes

You learn all the insider secrets, doing this sort of work. You see the things no one else is privileged to see. All the gossip that the guests would kill to have. As a wedding planner you can't afford to miss anything. You have to be alert to every detail, all the smaller eddies beneath the surface. If I didn't pay attention, one of those currents could grow into a huge riptide, destroying all my careful planning. And here's another thing I've learned - sometimes the smallest currents are the strongest.

The cake is quite something to behold. It should be. [...] Tomorrow, of course, it will be destroyed. But it's all about the moment, a wedding. All about the day. It's not really about the marriage at all, in spite of what everyone says.

See, mine is a profession in which you orchestrate happiness. It is why I became a wedding planner. Life is messy. We all know this. Terrible things happen, I learned that while I was still a child. But no matter what happens, life is only a series of days. You can't control more than a single day. But you can control one of them. Twenty-four hours can be curated. A wedding day is a neat little parcel of time in which I can create something whole and perfect to be cherished for a lifetime, a pearl from a broken necklace.

I'm not interested in fashion for its own sake, but I respect the power of clothes, in creating the right optics. I knew immediately that this dress was a queenmaker.

With every other partner I've got bored in a matter of weeks, the sex has rather too quickly become pedestrian, a chore. With Will I feel like I am never quite sated - even when, in the baser sense, I am more sated than I have been with any other lover. It isn't just about him being so beautiful - which he is, of course, objectively so. This insatiability is far deeper than that. I'm aware of a feeling of wanting to possess him. Of each sexual act being an attempt at a possession that is never quite achieved, some essential part of him always evading my reach, slipping beneath the surface.

I'm not necessarily the brightest penny in the till. But I don't like being treated like a moron, either.

Love is what teenagers think has happened when actually they're just stuffed full of hormones.

In the years since I've had kids - probably because I'm always with the kids - I've apparently become invisible to men. It only dawned on me, when I stopped feeling them on me, that I had taken men's glances for granted. That I enjoyed them.

There's something exotic about being all dressed up with only other adults for company, a plentiful supply of booze, no responsibility.

I'm so used to giving talks to my employees that I have to work to keep the note of authority out of my voice. I know some women complain about not being able to get people to take them seriously. If anything, I have the opposite problem.

When you've got your heart set on someone Brad Pitt could walk in and he wouldn't be enough.

In my experience those who have the greatest respect for the rules also take the most enjoyment in breaking them.

I want to cry like a kid as I stumble down to the beach, because it should hurt, my whole body should hurt, but no tears will come – I haven't been able to make them come for a long time. If I could cry it might all be better, but I can't. It's like an ability I've lost, like a language I've forgotten.

So much of this whole wedding business, I have realised, is about how things appear. As long as we can make it through with all seeming joyful, jubilant ... well, perhaps then we can suppress any darker forces stirring beneath the surface of the day.

Marriage is about finding that person you know best in the world. Not how they take their coffee or what their favourite film is or the name of their first cat. It's knowing on a deeper level. It's knowing their soul.

When was the last time I abandoned myself to some music ... when was the last time I had a really good dance? When was the last time I felt this desired, this bloody sexy? It feels like I lost that part of myself somewhere along the way. For these few hours I'm going to enjoy having it back.