Hello. I am Deepak Kundu, an avid book reader and quotes collector. As a hobby, I collect interesting quotes from the books that I read.

This post is a collection of 17 quotes from the book - The Last Thing He Told Me by Laura Dave. I hope you find these quotes useful.

The Last Thing He Told Me Quotes

Part of me still wants to hold on to this one last moment - the moment where you still get to believe this is a joke, an error, a big nothing; the moment before you know for sure that something has started that you can no longer stop.

Watching my grandfather work taught me that not everything was fluid. There were certain things that you hit from different angles, but you never gave up on. You did the work that was needed, wherever that work took you.

I feel like I’m in one of those twisted dreams that only happen when you go to sleep at the wrong time, the afternoon sun or midnight chill greeting you upon waking, disorienting you - and leaving you to turn to the person next to you, the person you trust most, looking for clarity.

Maybe we are all fools, one way or another, when it comes to seeing the totality of the people who love us - the people we try to love.

That’s the thing about a small town, people protect their own. It takes a lot for them to turn on someone they love.

It’s a terrible thing to know everything about someone long after you want to.

Saying someone’s innocent makes you sound like an idiot. Especially when most people are guilty as fuck.

Maybe that’s what happens when the bottom falls out, you lose the ability to modulate - to make your words make sense to the rest of the world.

How do you begin to grapple with the idea that your husband is running from the person he used to be, a person whose real name you don’t even know? You want to argue that someone is getting the story wrong. Someone is getting your story wrong. In your story, the one you know by heart, none of this makes sense. Not where this story began, not where it’s going. And certainly not where it’s threatening to end.

Sometimes your passion takes work and you shouldn’t give up on it just because it isn’t easy. Sometimes, kid, you need to work harder to get to a better place.

It feels like a victory that we are moving closer to the truth. But when the truth is taking you somewhere you don’t want to go, you also aren’t sure. You aren’t sure you want that win.

How do you explain it when you find in someone what you’ve been waiting for your whole life? Do you call it fate? It feels lazy to call it fate. It’s more like finding your way home - where home is a place you secretly hoped for, a place you imagined, but where you’d never before been.

You can’t tell people to trust you. You have to show them that they can.

This is the thing about good and evil. They aren’t so far apart - and they often start from the same valiant place of wanting something to be different.

There is nothing worse than losing your child. Nothing. Especially when you are someone who lives his life for his family.

In one way or another, this is the deal we all sign when we love someone. For better or worse. It’s the deal we have to sign again and again to keep that love. We don’t turn away from the parts of someone we don’t want to see. However quickly or long it takes to see them. We accept them if we are strong enough. Or we accept them enough to not let the bad parts become the entire story.

It’s never about someone else the moment you realize it is up to you to get yourself to a better place. It’s only about figuring out how to get there.