Hello. I am Deepak Kundu, an avid book reader and quotes collector. As a hobby, I collect interesting quotes from the books that I read.

This post is a collection of 20 quotes from the book - The Light Through the Leaves by Glendy Vanderah. I hope you find these quotes useful.

The Light Through the Leaves Quotes

The pain of existence was not something a person should have to feel.

I’m begging you to be who you truly are with our children. If you can do that, I know they’ll grow into good men.

I’ve seen how that goes, and so have you. All the fighting over the kids. The new partners of the divorced couple getting involved. The kids confused by their loyalties. Kids shouldn’t be consigned to Hell because their parents made mistakes.

I left my baby in the woods. I know the regret of leaving a child behind very well. I feel the agony of it in every moment.

People who love each other can stay together in other ways. In their hearts.

Cold camping with a lover was the best. Snuggling under warm blankets while the snow fell outside. The soft walls and warm interior felt like a tiny world born of their two bodies. To make love in a tent in winter felt deliciously primal.

Women got the short end of the evolutionary stick when it comes to body strength. In most cases, a man can physically dominate a woman. And the anatomy of human genitalia makes the disadvantage even worse.

Agriculture turned us into prisoners. We never wanted to grow crops and live in houses. We were nomads for millions of years.

Inside we’re still a nomadic species. All people feel it, but most of them don’t know what’s making them want something that’s always out of reach. They buy fancier cars and bigger houses, but it never makes them feel better. They just keep getting more depressed until they die.

People change, Dani. I don’t intend this to be mean, but you don’t really know me now. And I don’t know you. I’ve been married, a mother of three, and divorced all while you’ve been in grad school.

Kids in high school thought a lot about sex. And talked a lot about it. And smirked and joked about it. And speculated about who was doing it with whom.

You are my treasure. I will watch over you in this life and also in the next.

You will have my spirit with you always, dear one. You need only look at the beauty of the earth, and I’ll be there.

Mama was right about the creature joy of sex. It was like lapping icy water straight from a Montana mountain stream when she was thirsty. It was a kind of satiation in the most beautiful of ways.

Hatred was an addictive emotion, and it thrived best with frequent injections that kept the high going.

To my baby sister, who’s once again tossed us into a stormy sea. May we find our way back to shore.

You’re my brother, and you’re my friend. You can be as contrarian and mean to me as you want, but I’m still going to care.

Love couldn’t be removed like a thorn from a thumb.

This grass is making food for itself from sunlight. And that food feeds many creatures. I believe photosynthesis is a kind of miracle.

It always did what it wanted. Fate didn’t give a damn how good a person was, or how innocent a baby, before it swept them away.