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This post is a collection of 9 quotes from the book - The Long Game by Vijay Gokhale. I hope you find these quotes useful.

The Long Game Quotes

Deception is a legitimate tactic in diplomacy and negotiation.

One of the hallmarks of Chinese diplomatic practice is that they rarely react impulsively.

One of the difficulties in dealing with the Chinese, even up to the present day, is the problem of access. Unless they wish to meet you, it is virtually impossible to meet them.

The Chinese leadership is thin-skinned; unsettling them by impugning their self-image and how they want the rest of the world to view them can work to the other side’s advantage.

The coming generations need to pay attention to what China does not say or do. The presumption that silence is acquiescence could be fatal for nations.

The Chinese never regard anything as having an ending, but as a process.

One of the hallmarks of Chinese negotiating tactics is to repeatedly press the same point, and in different ways. While this is irritating and even offending for the opposite number, it is really intended to allow the Chinese to make a determination of their opponent’s bottom line.

The thumb rule in judging the Chinese statements is that the more ambiguous or vague the public position is of China, the more likely it is that the real position is harder and less flexible.

China’s public image is a source of its vulnerability. The Chinese want to be seen as the beautiful swan gliding on the placid surface of a lake in sylvan surroundings.