Hello. I am Deepak Kundu, an avid book reader and quotes collector. As a hobby, I collect interesting quotes from the books that I read.

This post is a collection of 22 quotes from the book - The Return by Nicholas Sparks. I hope you find these quotes useful.

The Return Quotes

Life endlessly offers us chances to set new directions and in the process we grow and change; when we look in the rearview mirror, we catch a glimpse of former selves who sometimes seem unrecognizable.

Bees have been part of my life for most of my living memory. They are remarkable and wonderful creatures, endlessly interesting to me. These days, I tend to more than a dozen beehives - it's much less work than you might imagine - and I've come to believe that the bees take care of me in the same way they take care of everyone. Without them, human life would nearly be impossible, since we rely on bees for a large part of our entire food supply.

A human head doesn't look natural without an ear. I looked strangely lopsided and it wasn't until that moment that I'd ever really appreciated my ear at all. In the rare times I thought about my ears, it was always in the context of hearing things. But try wearing sunglasses with just one ear and you'll understand why I felt the loss acutely.

A plastic surgeon was able to diminish the size of my facial scar to the thin, white line that it now is. It's noticeable, but it's not as though little kids scream at the sight of me. I like to tell myself that it adds character, that beneath the surface of the suave and debonair man before you exists a man of intensity and courage, who has experienced and survived real danger. Or something like that.

Life takes radical twists and turns, and hopes and dreams shift as people enter different phases of their lives. Yesterday, via Skype Dr. Bowen reminded me that we're all continual works in progress.

It's been said that women are the mysterious sex, and even now, my first inclination is to laugh when a guy I'm talking to says he understands what makes women tick.

Therapy, I've come to learn, is less about navel-gazing conversation than it is about learning habits for successful living, and then, most importantly, putting them into practice.

Maybe the older people get, the more important the past becomes? Because there's less future ahead?

In the end, people generally regret the things they didn't do, not the things they did.

Over the years, I'd gradually come to believe that family is like your shadow on a sunny day, always there, just over your shoulder, following you in spirit no matter where you are or what you're doing. They're always with you.

In the various phases of my life - [...] - I became friends with some extraordinary people. In each of those phases, I became particularly close to a small circle of individuals, and I simply assumed that I would remain close with them forever. Because we were hanging out then, my thinking went, we'd hang out forever. But friendships, I've learned, aren't like that. Things change; people change. Friends mature and move and get married and have children [...]. Over time, if you're lucky, a few - or maybe just a couple - remain from each of the various phases of your life. I've been fortunate; I have friends who date back to high school, and yet, I sometimes find myself wondering why some people remain in your life while others drift away. I don't have the answer to that, other than to observe that friendship has to flow both ways. Both of you have to be willing to invest in the friendship in order to maintain it.

This is what I wanted; I wanted Natalie, not just for tonight, but for a lifetime of days and nights like the one we were having right now.

People are complex, life seldom turns out the way you imagine it will, and emotions can be contradictory.

I sometimes believe the world would run better if I were put in charge of everything and could indeed control people, but knowing me, I'd probably get tired of the responsibility.

Keep in mind that as hard as things are, it is possible to find things to enjoy and to be grateful for the opportunities that life presents.

I made a vow to stay married in sickness and in health. Health is the easy part; it's remaining faithful in sickness where love really shines.

Everyone has inner lives to which no one else can be privy.

Talking about sadness or guilt can help let out some of the pain, and sometimes, that leaves more room in your heart to remember what you loved about someone.

Forgiveness doesn't mean you forget, or you stop wishing that you can change the past. Mainly it means that you accept the idea that you're not perfect, because no one is perfect. And terrible things can happen to anyone.

I want to remember our time together as if it were a beautiful dream. In the moment, it was powerful and real and completely transporting.

Before Natalie, I used to believe that with love, anything was possible. Now I understand that sometimes love isn't enough.

I already miss you. I miss your teasing and your terrible jokes, and your slightly crooked smile, even your silly attempts to get me to roll my eyes. Most of all, I miss your friendship, and the way you always made me feel as though I were the most desirable woman in the world. I do love you, and if I were living a different life, I would follow you anywhere.