May 16, 2021

26 Quotes from The Rose Code book by Kate Quinn

The Rose Code book by Kate Quinn.jpg

Namaste friends. This post is a collection of quotes from the book - The Rose Code by Kate Quinn. The Rose Code is a heart-stopping World War II story of three female code breakers at Bletchley Park and the spy they must root out after the war is over.


Canada was beautiful, but England was home. Better to be bombed at home among friends than be safe and corroding in exile. - The Rose Code, Chapter 2

If he doesn’t love me in a boiler suit, he’s not worth dressing up for in the first place. - The Rose Code, Chapter 2

I wish the war would get going. This waiting ... we know they’re going to come at us. Part of me wishes they’d just do it. The sooner it’s begun, the sooner it’s over. - The Rose Code, Chapter 2

No one should tell their mother more than one-third of anything they get up to. - The Rose Code, Chapter 4

The last thing a man at war needed was gloom from the home front. - The Rose Code, Chapter 6

I don’t mind men who are shorter than me. I mind men who are touchy about being shorter than me. - The Rose Code, Chapter 7

A girl couldn’t let herself be carried away in the heat of the moment - that was for men, who had nothing to lose. - The Rose Code, Chapter 13

When a girl has broken national security to ease your mind about your family’s lying in the path of an invasion route, she has officially become a friend. - The Rose Code, Chapter 13

Marry for friendship, not love. Friends listen better than lovers! - The Rose Code, Chapter 14

It doesn’t matter if you’re fighting a war with swords, with bombers, or with sticks and stones - weapons are no good unless you know when and where to aim them. - The Rose Code, Chapter 17

Wars are cyclical. It shouldn’t surprise anyone when they come round again. - The Rose Code, Chapter 19

You don’t know how men sometimes use women. How they use and then leave women they never intended to marry. Nice boys do that. Gentlemen do that. Even princes. - The Rose Code, Chapter 19

We ladies pinch and make do when it comes to darning stockings and using bootblack for eyeliner, but at least we can top a worn-out ensemble with a really smashing hat. That’s very good for morale, in wartime. - The Rose Code, Chapter 27

I can break anything. Give me a pencil and a crib, and I’ll crack the world. - The Rose Code, Chapter 28

How could you hope to build anything with a man, when so many of the things you had to tell him were lies? - The Rose Code, Chapter 31

It happens, you know. Strain. It gets even the best brains in the business. Sometimes the best brains are the ones that get it worst. - The Rose Code, Chapter 32

Cambridge is lovelier than Oxford. Don’t let any of the Oxford blokes tell you different. - The Rose Code, Chapter 41

I crack messages. I don’t interpret them. It doesn’t matter to me what I’m breaking. Why complicate things when there aren’t hardly enough hours in the day as is? - The Rose Code, Chapter 43

If you were a man and you wrote funny pieces about daily life, they called it satire. If you were a woman and you wrote funny pieces about daily life, they called it fluff. - The Rose Code, Chapter 54

A gentleman never pushed things past a certain point with a girl unless there was some kind of understanding that things would soon be made permanent. - The Rose Code, Chapter 54

Anyone can be fodder for machine guns, but only a few can break top-level ciphers. This war needs your skull intact. Let someone else get blown up - better them than you. - The Rose Code, Chapter 55

In a war, you save who you can. Whenever you can. - The Rose Code, Chapter 64

I am patriotic enough to commit treason in my country’s best interests. Grow up. Countries are high, shining ideals, but governments are made of selfish, greedy men. Can you honestly say our fellows at the top always know what they’re doing? - The Rose Code, Chapter 70

The best lies have the most truth. - The Rose Code, Chapter 71

People suspect women of hanky-panky. But they never suspect women of espionage. No one thinks women can keep secrets. - The Rose Code, Chapter 71

There’s simply nothing like French cigarettes, French knickers, or French men! - The Rose Code, Chapter 74