Mar 13, 2021

17 Quotes from The Sanatorium Book by Sarah Pearse

Namaste friends. This post is a collection of quotes from the book - The Sanatorium by Sarah Pearse. The Sanatorium is an eerie, atmospheric novel about Le Sommet, an abandoned sanatorium that has been renovated into a five-star minimalist hotel.


This place [...] is all about façades. Covering up what really lies beneath. - The Sanatorium

Don’t overthink it. Put the past in the past. - The Sanatorium

He’s tall, athletic looking, but it isn’t his stature that’s giving off the power vibe; it’s his wide-legged stance, the big expansive gestures. Only people with influence, money, possess that kind of inbuilt belief that they have the right to take up that much space. - The Sanatorium

It’s this place. This building. Her body is reacting to something here; something living, breathing, woven into the DNA of the building, as much a part of it as its walls and floors. - The Sanatorium

If you keep walking away every time we discuss things, there’s no point in being together, is there? If we can’t share things, there’s nothing linking us. No proper ties. - The Sanatorium

How do you go about unpicking someone from your life when they’re the thread tying every part of you together? - The Sanatorium

People don’t change, do they? The ability to lie, deceive, it’s woven so deep, it’s impossible to pick out, remove. - The Sanatorium

Trying to gauge him ... it was like looking through water. One minute you have the perfect view, can see right to the bottom, but within seconds, the water’s shifted, and all you can see is something hazy and unclear. - The Sanatorium

I know I probably sound like an idiot, unsympathetic, but I think you have a choice in this. You can be brave, choose not to let the past take over your life. - The Sanatorium

Not everyone can be like you and your family. So bloody strong. You’re lucky, that you’re all so close. It helps to have that support network, people to talk to without judgment. When you have that as a base, it’s easier to take risks, make decisions. - The Sanatorium

Pretend nothing’s happened. If we pretend hard enough it just might be true. - The Sanatorium

We can’t presume anything. Not yet. Jumping to conclusions is the worst thing we can do. We have to stick to facts. - The Sanatorium

This is one of those moments when there’s no going back. One of the moments when the knowledge is so powerful, it sweeps away everything else that came before. - The Sanatorium

If someone tosses you aside like you’re rubbish. No one likes that, do they? Feeling used. - The Sanatorium

We all lie. That’s what people do. The unpalatable bits, the ugly bits, the bits that make you look bad. - The Sanatorium

Grief is like a series of bombs exploding, one after another. Every hour, a new detonation. Shock after shock after shock. - The Sanatorium

A killer’s logic was never rational. In his mind, his course of action would make total sense: the only viable conclusion. It’s that sense of utter conviction that enabled killers to do what they did - a ruthless single-mindedness. - The Sanatorium