Hello. I am Deepak Kundu, an avid book reader and quotes collector. As a hobby, I collect interesting quotes from the books that I read.

This post is a collection of 20 quotes from the book - The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman. I hope you find these quotes useful.

The Thursday Murder Club Quotes

Killing someone is easy. Hiding the body, now that’s usually the hard part. That’s how you get caught.

After a certain age, you can pretty much do whatever takes your fancy. No one tells you off, except for your doctors and your children.

You can only take so many liberties before even the most calm and rational man snaps.

Like any modern woman, I am any number of things, as and when the need arises. We have to be chameleons, don’t we?

In life you have to learn to count the good days. You have to tuck them in your pocket and carry them around with you.

Arguing is very bad for your wellbeing. You look at the science of it, it thins the blood. Thinner blood, less energy. Less energy, slippery slope.

Donna has always been headstrong, always acted quickly and decisively. Which is a fine quality when you are right, but a liability when you are wrong. It’s great to be the fastest runner, but not when you’re running in the wrong direction.

Always look where the action isn’t, because that’s where the action is.

As a nurse, it’s best to never sugar-coat things, even when your instinct is to be protective.

Getting out of a garden chair at our age is a military operation. Once you are in one, you can be in it for the day.

Get yourself home, calm yourself down and mop your brow. Be a man and take a defeat.

That’s who we are as human beings. For the most part, we are kind.

I would like to catch a murderer. Before that murderer catches you.

Choice is overrated; you’ll learn that as the years fly by.

Some people love their children more than they love their partner, and some people love their partner more than their children. And no one can ever admit to either thing.

Psychology was key. Always try the unexpected, always approach from an angle, always lean back in your chair, with all the time in the world, and wait for them to tell all. Like the whole process was their idea in the first place. And for that you always needed an angle, something unexpected. Something bespoke.

Whatever they say about time healing, some things in life just break and can never be fixed.

In a different town, in a different country, I’d have been a pilot or a greengrocer, but for no good reason other than circumstance, I was a priest. In truth, I’m not a great believer and never have been. It was a job, and a roof, and a passage away from home.

I have discovered that online dating is not for me. You can have too much choice in this world. And when everyone has too much choice, it is also much harder to get chosen. And we all want to be chosen.

The daffodils will always come up by the lake, but you won’t always be there to see them. So it goes; enjoy them while you can.