Oct 14, 2020

18 Quotes from Troubled Blood book by Robert Galbraith

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Hello friends. This post is a collection of quotes from the book - Troubled Blood by Robert Galbraith.

Troubled blood, the fifth Strike and Robin novel, has been described as a breathtaking epic and the most gripping and satisfying yet.


Every married person he knew seemed desperate to chivvy others into matrimony, no matter how poor an advertisement they themselves were for the institution. - Troubled Blood, Chapter 1

I think there are a lot of nutters in the world, and the less we reward them for their nuttery, the better for all of us. - Troubled Blood, Chapter 7

The older I've grown, the more I've realized that the team is everything. Qualifications and experience are important, but if the team doesn't gel forget it! You'll never achieve what you should. - Troubled Blood, Chapter 10

Priests and doctors, it's hardwired in most of us to trust them, don't you think? [...] Don't you think we tend to invest some categories of people with unearned goodness? I suppose we've all got a need to trust people who seem to have power over life and death. - Troubled Blood, Chapter 13

That's the trouble with friends you've had for decades, isn't it? They know too much. - Troubled Blood, Chapter 21

How very mysterious human beings were, even to those who thought they knew them best. Infidelity and bigamy, kinks and fetishes, theft and fraud, stalking and harassment: she'd now delved into so many secret lives she'd lost count. - Troubled Blood, Chapter 21

Even the cleverest people can be bloody stupid when it comes to their love lives. In fact, I sometimes t'ink, the cleverer they are with books, the stupider they are with sex. - Troubled Blood, Chapter 24

One t'ing life's taught me: where there's no capacity for joy, there's no capacity for goodness. - Troubled Blood, Chapter 24

Well, I think there's a kind of poetry to astrology. I'm not saying it works, but there's a kind of - of symmetry to it, an order. It makes a kind of - not literal sense, but it's survived for a reason. [...] I think it makes you feel less lonely. Astrology connects you to the universe, doesn't it? - Troubled Blood, Chapter 35

Folklore and superstition haven't gone away. They'll never go away. People need them. I think a purely scientific world would be a cold place. - Troubled Blood, Chapter 35

People who insist on opening cans of worms, shouldn't complain when they get covered in slime. - Troubled Blood, Chapter 36

I was thirty-five. It's a funny age. It starts dawning on you forty's really gonna happen to you, not just to other people. - Troubled Blood, Chapter 47

There's no guarantee breeding two shits together will produce a third shit. I've known decent people who were raised by complete bastards, and vice versa. - Troubled Blood, Chapter 49

Doctors know things, don't they? In and out of people's houses, having confidential consultations. They're like priests. They hear secrets. - Troubled Blood, Chapter 60

Life's taught me things can always get worse than they are. I thought I had it hard, then they wheeled a bloke onto the ward who'd had both his legs and his genitals blown off. - Troubled Blood, Chapter 65

We aren't our mistakes. It's what we do about the mistake that shows who we are. - Troubled Blood, Chapter 66

Why're there people like me at all, Cormoran? Why's evolution let it happen? Because humans are so highly developed, we can only thin ourselves out with intraspecies predators. Pick off the weak, the morally depraved. It's a good thing that degenerate, drunk women don't breed. That's just a fact, it's a fact. - Troubled Blood, Chapter 68

I've always been clever, but that don't 'elp a woman. It's better to be pretty. You 'ave a better life if you're good-looking. - Troubled Blood, Chapter 71