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12 Quotes about Truth from Books

Topic Quotes · April 24th, 2023 · Deepak Kundu

Hello. This page is a list of 12 quotes about Truth from various books. I hope you like and enjoy reading them. By the way, I am Deepak Kundu, an avid book reader and quotes collector.

Truth Quotes

  • The truth is often terrifying. Once you introduce truth into a room, the room may never be the same again. - City of Girls book by Elizabeth Gilbert - city-of-girls-quotes, elizabeth-gilbert-quotes, truth-quotes

  • No secret in the history of the world has ever been successfully kept. The truth always comes out. - 28 Summers book by Elin Hilderbrand - 28-summers-quotes, truth-quotes, secrets-quotes

  • Tell the truth. Don’t try to cushion the blow. If you’re bad enough to do it, you’re bad enough to tell it. - An American Marriage book by Tayari Jones - an-american-marriage-quotes, tayari-jones-quotes, truth-quotes

  • Knowin the truth, seein the truth, and tellin the truth, are all different experiences. - Greenlights book by Matthew McConaughey - greenlights-quotes, matthew-mcconaughey-quotes, truth-quotes

  • God, when I cross the truth, give me the awareness to receive it, the consciousness to recognize it, the presence to personalize it, the patience to preserve it, and the courage to live it. - Greenlights book by Matthew McConaughey - greenlights-quotes, matthew-mcconaughey-quotes, truth-quotes

  • As a species, humans prefer power to truth. We spend far more time and effort on trying to control the world than on trying to understand it - and even when we try to understand it, we usually do so in the hope that understanding the world will make it easier to control it. Therefore, if you dream of a society in which truth reigns supreme and myths are ignored, you have little to expect from Homo sapiens. Better try your luck with chimps. - 21 Lessons for the 21st Century book by Yuval Noah Harari - 21-lessons-for-the-21st-century-quotes, yuval-noah-harari-quotes, truth-quotes

  • Naked truths aren’t always pretty. - It Ends With Us book by Colleen Hoover - it-ends-with-us-quotes, truth-quotes

  • The truth is simple. It requires no explanation, analysis, rationale, or excuse; it’s just a simple statement that leaves no doubt. You can look at it from every angle, hold it up to the light, flip it over, slice it up, smash it with an ax ... it’s still the truth. - Relentless book by Tim Grover - relentless-quotes, truth-quotes

  • The only thing worse than a tattletale was a person too afraid to tell the truth. - While Justice Sleeps book by Stacey Abrams - while-justice-sleeps-quotes, truth-quotes

  • Children lie out of fear they will be punished in some way. But adults, as I see it, have no right to lie. If you do something wrong, just fess up and say, “I did it and I’m sorry” - or you did it, and you’re not sorry. Sooner or later, the truth will come out, and the deceit, for me, can be as damaging as the offense. - Just as I Am book by Cicely Tyson - just-as-i-am-quotes, truth-quotes

  • There was comfort in the truth, no matter how difficult. - An American Marriage book by Tayari Jones - an-american-marriage-quotes, truth-quotes

  • There comes a time when the only way to start living is to tell the truth. To be who you really are, even if it is dangerous. - How to Stop Time book by Matt Haig - how-to-stop-time-quotes, truth-quotes