Hello. I am Deepak Kundu, an avid book reader and quotes collector. As a hobby, I collect interesting quotes from the books that I read.

This post is a collection of 27 quotes from the book - While Justice Sleeps by Stacey Abrams. I hope you find these quotes useful.

While Justice Sleeps Quotes

With the current crop of pundits, bureaucrats, and hired guns in charge, America was destined to repeat the cycles of intellectual torpor that toppled Rome and Greece and Mali and the Incas and every empire that stumbled into short-lived, debauched existence.

A righteous flood, that’s what we need. Drown the bastards out.

Science is the greatest trick the Devil ever played on man! He let us believe we could control our destiny, but we’ve only built our demise. Breaking the laws of nature to construct a shrine to Satan’s handiwork. We must be stopped!

Thoreau had it right about nature versus man. Nature always wins. Nature was a crafty adversary. While a man slept peacefully in his bed, Nature rummaged through tissue and cell down to chromosomes so slight as to be invisible. With a capricious flick, it switched on the time bomb that would explode a man’s life. A man’s brain.

I find modern physicians only slightly more capable than leeches and witches’ cauldrons. Eight years of training, and still they only barely practice at their craft!

Doctors are nothing but cranks and convicts roaming the earth, telling lies to the healthy. Gathering corpses for their experiments.

This new crop of lawyers roaming the Court. A generation laid to waste by the putrescence of their own thoughts. Not an incisive mind among them. Computer-addled miscreants who’d rather be told the answer than investigate. Can barely find one smart enough to fetch my coffee.

That was no tantrum, you silly cow! It was strategy. It’s all strategy. Opening move of the King’s Gambit! Every breath is a movement toward the endgame.

Knowing the law isn’t about the school. It’s about the mind. The heart. About understanding what the law intends as much as reading beneath what it says. Knowing how to find one’s way to the truth.

Games of chance are entertaining, but ultimately, they’re only worth it if you know when to cut your losses. A good gambler knows how to balance risk and reward.

The bishops are interesting pieces. They stand next to the king and queen - the third most important pieces on the board. One might call them the guardians.

I hope you get a daughter just like you one day. A frigid bitch who thinks she’s too good for you.

Reputation was all you had when you’d been born without the relationships.

She - as much as the others in the room - understood the tenuous connection between crime and punishment. The allegation was often more than sufficient. Innocent until proven guilty was an urban myth.

Always be kind to the folks who make the world run, including security guards and secretaries.

You can’t possibly comprehend the machinery of justice and the lengths to which others will go to thwart it. Therefore, you’d do well to keep your puerile mind focused on the small tasks I assign to you. Take my dictation, fancy it up with the words that will earn your five hundred and twenty an hour, and then bring the documents to me for signature.

Your father liked games. Everything is a chess match - move, countermove. To him, we’re just pieces trying to get across the board.

The best way to keep information from the public was not to hide it, which broke laws and attracted attention. No, the best way to hide information was to publish it in one of the millions of reports disseminated annually under Congress’s direction.

The only thing worse than a tattletale was a person too afraid to tell the truth.

That’s me. A blind, stupid, loyal weapon that would stay on course until I hit my target.

I like puzzles. I like having bits and pieces of information and filling in the blanks.

There are always loose ends. Trick is to find them first.

The wisest minds understand not simply the depths and the surface, but everything in between.

One must be wary of the company you keep. As my grandfather told me more than once, you lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas.

I am a patriot. Other presidents have tried and failed because their vision got clouded by rules. They refused to leverage the power of command. I didn’t.

I did what patriots do. I served my country. And when it was necessary, I protected her against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

I worked for Homeland Security. We watch everything. Usually, though, no one watches us.